Samsung Flashmob: Kings Cross Station

Samsung Smart Camera Flashmob

To increase awareness of the ‘Smart Camera’, Samsung wanted to create something that would get the message out to the masses.

Samsung had never created a Flashmob in the UK, therefore this was designed to go viral allowing Samsung to get the message out there that the ‘Smart Camera is no standard DSLR.’

We auditioned over 150 dancers for the project and handpicked the perfect candidates to represent this global electronics brand. Our Presenter was selected by Samsung HQ in South Korea who felt he’d represent the brand impeccably.

Our Choreographer Ashley had one day to rehearse the dancers before going live at Kings Cross Station the following day.

On the Live date we had 4 film crews including a Director and his entourage follow our Presenter across the popular station as he interviewed unsuspecting civilians about the Smart Camera. If they answered correctly a flashmob would erupt from around them acting as a celebration. We then gave the winner a Nx300M Smart Camera and £10,000 worth of Travel Vouchers. During the first month of the video going viral we hit 11 Million views on Youtube.

Tempo Live 2017