2016 Trends: Integrating Digital and Entertainment.

Over the last 5 years digital and entertainment have been playing greater roles within the experiential marketing industry as more events and ‘Out Of Home’ campaigns utilise these trends to engage with consumers.

Entertainment has been used to create high impact moments, unforgettable events and enjoyable experiences. Digital has been used to assist in content, demonstrate ROI and share the experience across social media.

Up until now, Digital and Entertainment have been complimenting each other on a basic level across Experiential campaigns but we believe that 2016 is going to be the year that Digital and Entertainment work together to create some of the best campaigns since sliced bread.

At Tempo Live we are always on the lookout for stimulating campaigns that use entertainment as the catalyst to engage with consumers so we were rather impressed when we came across the 2014 launch of the Porsche Macan.

Not only does this event set a benchmark for every other car manufacturer out there, it perfectly amalgamates elements of both digital and entertainment, in the form of 3D mapping and break-dancers.

What inspired us most about this spectacle is how integrating simple forms of digital and entertainment together can make such a big impression.

When you begin to break the production of the display apart you soon realise that it simply uses 8 dancers with LED suits, some pre recorded green screen acrobatics and a blend of digital scenes that is projected onto the set.

The clever bit is the choreography to tie it impeccably together.

This type of demonstration would have only been seen on TV some 5 years ago, but as technology and entertainment amalgamate we begin to see these campaigns extend even closer to the Out Of Home/Experiential market.


Let us know your thoughts on 2016 experiential entertainment trends.

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