5 Tips for using Entertainment in Experiential Marketing.


Here at Tempo Live we wanted to share with you 5 tips on how a brand can use entertainment in experiential marketing.

  • Keep it honest. Not all entertainment is going to suit every brand. For example an energy drinks brand could have energetic dancers, acrobats and freestyle footballers but this style of entertainment wouldn’t necessarily suit an all-natural organic soft drinks company. By keeping the entertainment honest, consumers will make a clear association between the entertainment and the brand, not a confused one.


  • Make it recordable. In this age of new media why not combine live entertainment with digital? Marketing is about illustrating ROI and it doesn’t stop with entertainment. Creating a viral video will capitalise on the live entertainment and by sharing the content across digital platforms it allows the brand to monitor ROI.


  • Immerse the consumer. When we seek entertainment we head to a theatre to be a spectator. To create a more engaging experience a brand can immerse the consumer to be the centre of the entertainment this will allow them to have more fun with the brand. Something as simple as having them participate in a challenge or game show will leave them with a lasting brand experience.


  • Brand messages come first. For years entertainment has always been seen as the icing on the cake or “if there is room in the budget” but entertainment acts as the catalyst to increase brand awareness. By integrating the brand messaging into the entertainment the consumer engagement will be greater.


  • Entertainment doesn’t have to just be performers. Yes you can hire dancers and singers but experiential entertainment is about creating a fun engagement that the consumer will remember. It can take form as a green screen activation or dive in foam pit, a game show or a challenge.
Tempo Live 2017