How does an Experiential Entertainment Agency celebrate their 1st Birthday?

This month Tempo Live celebrates its’ 1st year in business and looks to mark the occasion with a bit of fun.

Established in March 2014, Tempo Live has provided the performers and constructed the concepts for, what can be best described as, some of the most exciting campaigns in Experiential Marketing across 2014/2015.

“We don’t specialise in Experiential Marketing, we specialise in Experiential Entertainment. Gone are the days of sampling and demonstrations, instead we bring fun and entertainment to our activations.”

In this last year Tempo Live have created a range of; viral PR Stunts, electrifying Flashmobs, Product Launches, Fashion Shows, Entertainment Campaigns and not to mention all the Projects, Tours and International Stunts that 2015 has in-store too.

So how are they going to celebrate?

“Well, we’re going to rent a tiger along with a Vegas Penthouse, re-enact ‘The Hangover’ and celebrate until the early hours of the morning with all the Staff and Clients that we have worked with throughout the year, until someone ends up on the roof.”

. . . now unfortunately Tempo Live did consult their Financial Advisor before they put the deposit down, and after a considerable amount of minutes, they felt that it was best that they offered Tickets to a West End Show instead.

So although it’s not quite what they had in mind; for your chance to win tickets to see some of Tempo Live’s team on stage in ‘Thriller Live’ all that you have to do is give this post a ‘like’ and they’ll let you know later this month if you’ve won.

“From myself and my Team at Tempo Live we thank you for celebrating our 1st year with us, and we look forward to continuing to offer a fun and entertaining way of communicating with consumers throughout 2015”. Jon Salthouse, Creative Director

Tempo Live 2017