How We Increased Consumer Engagement by 60%, utilising Entertainment.

Tempo Live has been working on a 4 week experiential campaign comprising of 10 live activations for a market leading Alcohol brand.

This was a white labelled campaign so the brand and our client will respectively remain anonymous.

The campaign toured across London, Manchester, Liverpool and Birmingham featuring a giant Buzz Wire game that connected to a DOOH screen along with a sampling area where consumes could enjoy a taster of the new cider.

Our client wanted to increase the excitement and engagement with the Buzz Wire game so we provided a presenter and PA system to do just that.

Our findings surprised us.


When comparing the data, we found that we had increased consumer engagement with the Buzz Wire game by 60% from the previous 2 events that didn’t utilise a presenter. Below is a diagram showcasing the figures.

We added up the engagements from each day to find the average engagements at each location. London for example was a 4 day bank holiday weekend so we found the average engagements across the 4 days. The live activation times were the same across all locations and each site space had a similar footfall.

We took the average engagement of the locations that utilised a presenter and compared them with the locations that didn’t utilise a presenter and outlined them in a chart below. London and Manchester didn’t utilise a Presenter as they were the first 2 locations on our 4 week tour. Liverpool and Birmingham both utilised a Presenter and the figures show an average increase of 151 engagements per day.

On average we increased consumer engagement by 60%, utilising a presenter onsite. The presenters role was to educate and inform consumers of the activation, they hosted the Buzz Wire game creating excitement and anticipation between contestants and managed the energy of the activation.

As Specialists in Experiential Entertainment, we encourage clients to utilise entertainment within experiential campaigns, entertainment becomes the catalyst to increase brand awareness.

To find out how we can inject entertainment into your next campaign get in touch with myself or my team at [email protected] or give us a call on 0207 438 2071.

Tempo Live 2017