Our Services

Tempo Live produces events that use entertainment as the main component to engage with consumers. We umbrella our services under 3 headings:



Our creative team has the ability to devise a concept that is built around the brand. Basic experiential marketing has become bland and unoriginal which is why we embed entertainment into our events.
We have created flashmobs, product launches, sport ceremonies, PR stunts, film releases, music videos, fashion shows, hotel launches and a wide variety of unique events.
The concepts we create are always original and leave the consumer wanting more.



A bespoke event requires a bespoke team and we have an elite selection of the UK’s top professionals on our books. Whether it be a Camera Operator, a Make Up Artist, a Dance Troupe or even something more unique like a Laser Light show, you name it we’ve got it!
Every event we produce is unique so we work closely with our team to ensure that the concept always remains true to its brand.
Why not visit our Agency page to meet the Performers and the Acts?



Unlike most agencies that just supply the performers, we believe that entertainment comes as a package which is why we can manage the concept from beginning to end.
Anywhere from stage design to overseas logistics we’ve got the team to do it.
And of course we understand that there will be changes along the way and this is why we pride ourselves based on our versatility. Check out the projects we have produced in our Case Study page.

What is Experiential Entertainment?

By combining elements of both Experiential Marketing and Entertainment, what you create is a unique event that appeals not only to those who participate but to those who can observe it too. Consumer impact is increased and organic marketing follows shortly after.
Entertainment becomes the catalyst to increasing brand awareness.

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